Chic and vain

Animal behaviour: Mrs. and Mr. Held Held in Wittibreut registered that their gander is a curious and conceited cove, so they placed a mirror near his bowl in the garden. By the way, thanks for a really nice week end!


Photography Course 2010 at the Freie Kunstwerkstatt München

From april to june we organize for the first time a photography course for the art students at the Freie Kunstwerkstatt München. The workshop consists of 6 units and is aimed to be a comprehensive class about the fundamentals of photography: history of photography, camera technique, different approaches to photography and topics… Students will be be trained on both digital and film-based cameras. On field trips in and around Munich we will learn about image buildup, lighting conditions and perspective. For more information: http://www.freie-kunstwerkstatt.de/ or mail@florianbachmeier.com.


Florian Bachmeier on We like that - Blog about the shizzle we like!

Thanks to Alex and Flo Hauck for posting about my new project on their fantastic blog "We like that": http://www.welikethat.de/2010/04/20/new-europe-old-frontiers/ Every time I visit the blog, I am impressed to learn that your reader base grows day by day... Good luck!


Shooting for Hueber Verlag

I just wanted to thank my friends and colleagues Iciar Caso and Franz Specht for a wonderful time during our shooting for Hueber Verlag last week-end. I truly enjoy working with you and I appreciate every minute of those days, taking pictures, arranging scenes, talking, making plans... Being surrounded by people like you is a gift, once more I had a great time!

Thank you!


Semana Santa

This year I tried to focus on the role of women in the easter processions taking place throughout the holy week in almost all villages and cities in the provinces in southern Spain. I had an interesting view inside the preparations, the process, the most important details and learned a lot about the self-image of these women. In many cases, they fill out spaces abandoned by men, revitalising their own traditions, converging in a new identity. In advance some pictures from the procession of the Holy Christ oft he Gypsies in Granada and from Sabinillas, a little seabord village south of Málaga…


Monkey business at La Hedionda, Málaga, Spain

Until these guys appeared with a very nervous specimen of north african macaco ape, we had quite a peaceful afternoon at the sulfurious springs of La Hedionda, near Manilva at the mediterranean coast of Málaga, Spain… Twirly and in high spirits, the little animal did not show any intentions to keep still not only for a few seconds!