Florian Bachmeier (*1974)

studied photography in Pamplona/Spain
also studied History and Spanish Literature in Munich (LMU)
travelling a lot, homebased in Munich and Madrid
focussed on photo reportages and art photography
is currently elaborating a documentary about religious fiestas in Spain

Contact: florian.melt@gmx.net
Homepage: www.florianbachmeier.com

Represented by:
Isabel Leicht: www.isabelleicht.blogspot.com


El Ejido, Sea of plastic

Finally I edited some pictures I took in El Ejido, Almería. El Ejido is probably the most important concentration of greenhouses in the world and supplies millions of europeans with fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Thousands of immigrants without legal papers are living in poor chabolas, lost in a huge sea of plastic, working in very hard conditions for the profit of the farmers. At the beginning of February 2000, El Ejido was the scene of one of the most violent outbreak of racism in the recent history of Spain. The immigrants living in this town, mostly illegal workers, responded with an indefinite strike to claim the right to be rehoused, to receive compensation and to legalise their situation. Now, in 2009, their situation has not changed substantially...