From Germany to Hungary and back

Babette Steiner´s room in an old age asylum in Neuhaus, Bavaria, with a picture of her son, Georg Steiner. In their lifes they had to cross many frontieres. Babettes life seemed to be star-crossed from the very beginning in a little flat in Munich, her family never put much hope in the weak, rachitic girl, born a few month after the end of The Great War. Later she moved to a village with her husband who died a few years after. Her only son Georg lost his job as a telecomunication repairman suffering from herniated disc problems and heavy allergic rashes. After a time the only way he saw to deal with severe depression and growing alcohol problems, he spent the rest of his pay-off on a little house between the austro-hungarian border and Lake Balaton. Soon the money was wasted, maintaining the house and looking after his ill and impoverished mother lead to his total ruin. Today he is working ocassionally in a junkyard to get some cash to visit sometimes his now run-down house, once his liftime dream and the only hope to leave behind a miserable life.



Last weekend: one of the first concerts of the German-Polish band Clone-X in a club in Lindenberg (Buchloe)...


We are modular

Some commercial work: a few weeks ago we produced the pictures fort he new homepage of We are modular (Matthias Hauck and Nepomuk Heller), a Munich based but worldwide operating music production company for commercials, movies, TV, internet, games and events. We are modular is absolutely passionate about music and related stuf fand also closely connected to other musicians, artists, designers and filmmakers. For more information: http://www.wearemodular.de

Schliersee, 21-05-2010


Thüringen, May 2010

Some pictures made during my road trip through Thüringen in the last days, searching for remainings of the border between the FRG and the GDR. They show the bearer of the lottery wheel at a trade fair in Schmalkalden, the highway A4 near Point Alpha, the inter-German grenzland between Hessen and Thüringen, a small recreation settlement near the spa town of Bad Salzungen and a sowjet war graves memorial in Herleshausen.


Schliersee, 16-05-2010

Some photos taken in Schliersee. More rainy weekend weather...


Paul-Heyse-underpass with mobile phone camera

Pictures made during the first outdoor excursion of my photo course at the Freie Kunstwerkstatt München. All photographs were taken around the Paul-Heyse-underpass at
Munich Central Station with my mobile phone camera…


Muay Thai (มวยไทย) by Claudia Müller

Photographies of Muay Thai boxers made by art student and participant in my photo course Claudia Müller. Her project for the course consists of elaborating a serie of pictures of training activities at a Muay Thai school in Munich.


Wedding photography under tough conditions

This was the aspect of the lake shore in Schliersee this morning, two hours before the wedding ceremony of my clients who were planning this day six months in advance. It is kind of exciting trying to find places where you can satisfye the expectations put in you facinf suchlike conditions...

Frischling - a new magazine!

Tanja Attlfellner und Lina Homann. Students oft he Städtische Berufsfachschule für Kommunikationsdesign in Munich, will expose their graduation project on 26th of July 2010. It conisists oft he presentation and display of a new kind of journal about cultural topics fort he regions surrounding the bavarian capital. I am proud to participate in the first issue with photographs of a little football event organized by the TSV Schliersee a few months ago!


Aufschrei durch Bilder

Article by Alois Pribil on my project on borders in Eastern Europe in Kulturvision 13/2010, p.8: www.kulturvision.de.


21st Century Pin-up by Matthias Leidgschwendner

Matthias Leidgschwendner, one of the art students of the Freie Kunstwerkstatt München and participant of my photography course, loves fashion photography. Even before presenting his project to me for further details, he already made some really good pictures. I am looking forward to further results of his investigation...