Irene from Granada...

Today I was searching in my negatives from last year and found this portrait of homeless Irene, dancing in front of the church of the Sacred Hear of Jesus in Granada, waiting for the move-out of the Holy Christ of the Gypsies, one of the most beloved processions of the holy week of this town.


Martin Carnevali

Some of the portraits of actor Martin Carnevali...


Fiestas in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, La Lastra del Cano, Ávila

My first time participating in these more traditional version of a village fiesta in La Lastra del Cano, Ávila! People dress up with their traditional suits, they prepare every detail weeks in avance, you can feel that everybody is looking forward to what will happen... The atmosphere is really intense and warm and the intimacy and familiarity go straight to the heart and at the end, as people leave once again, you wonder and may ask yourself what was going on in these three days, long and short by the same time... Soon more pictures on the site of Pena Lastra: www.lastracultural.blogspot.com!