Real Democracy Now!

In the next days I will post some impressions of Plaza de Sol in Madrid - perhaps the last days of this great example of a peaceful movement for civic and moral values - for this time...


DAV Panorama 03/2011: Trekking in Albania

Article about trekking and hiking in the Albanian Alps in DAV Panorama 03/2011...


Open House at Oberland Werkstätten Miesbach

Tomorrow, 14 of may 2011, the Oberland Werkstätte in Miesbach organizes an open day at their workshop for people with disabilities. I am proud to contribute to the photo exhibition with a few images... Thanks to the portrayed persons, the staff of OLW and Kaufmann Grafikdesign!


The home of Josef Stallhofer

Today I did some kind of familiy archaeology, I visited the house of my greatuncle Josef Stallhofer, a humble local painter who dedicated his life to religious and folksy paintings, frescos, altar paintings, votive pictures, targets for traditional bavarian schooter associations and so on... He died in 1993.


Teresa Landaluce - Can I steal a picture of myself?

Spanish photographer Teresa Landaluce (Pamplona, 1974) presented her exhibition 'Autorretratos: ¿puedo robarme una foto a mí misma?' („Selfportraits – can I steal a picture of myself?) last Thursday in the cultural center Civivox Ensanche in Pamplona. The exhibition is a selection of Teresas photographs, presented with the intention of sharing her vision about the nature of portraying oneself, making a picture of oneself is a deliberated action, she says, and Teresa as an artist tries to capture a special moment of her life, when, where and how she wants to see herself…
My best wishes to you!


Barrio Lucero, Madrid

Speaking with Cartier-Bresson, the fascination of photography really lies in the possibility of capturing a single special moment, it lies in the possibility to forget about oneself´s presence and to melt into a unique constellation of space and time, like rediscovering a hidden geometry in all scenes - and I know every inch of this wall, it is just around the corner of our flat in the Lucero district. Almost every time when I am staying in Madrid I stop there a few minutes watching the people passing by, drawing nice shadows on the bright, chalk-white wall...


Chinese Wedding in Madrid

Cleaning up after a chinese wedding in the basement room of the chinese Restaurant Don Lay in Madrid. Chinese immigration to Spain has a long history and could be a really interesting topic to work on...