The Triglav Myth in Alps Magazine

Some pictures of my photo essay around mount Triglav in Slovenia. I hope all readers of Alps Magazine enjoy this excellent article written by Dr. Claudia Teibler: http://www.alps-magazine.com/magazin/preview/?previewpage=8


Alois Beyer - years ago...

Alois Beyer, about 12 years ago, carrying home the cemetery cross from the churchyard in Gmund after setting up a proper gravestone. The history of Rosalie and Alois, the former servant on her farm, is a sad lovestory. A few years of happiness, then she fell ill. Alois nursed her over years in the old farmhouse until she finally past away after a long agony.


Alois Beyer

Today I visited Alois Beyer, a good friend and also a distant relative. More than ten years ago I already spent a few days with him in his wonderful old farmhouse, situated on a hill and surrounded by woods, near the major district town Miesbach in Bavaria. Things have changed in the last years, on the parcel now stands a newly constructed building, Alois, who is living alone since the death of his wife in the late nineties, is invalid and lonely, the new neighbours cleaned up the courtyard, cut the trees and removed the gravestone in memory of his wife Rosalie where he used to pray. Alois gave over the farm to his close friend, the farmer next of his property – with a life annuity contract, a tradition still alive in the 21st century in this region – one hot meal per day until the day he dies. The life of Alois is eventful and tragic, I love his never ending stories and his joy for every little gesture…