Nastassja Kinski: Six Dollars for Standard Parking

From a documentation for the Städtisches Museum Rosenheim. Picture taken during the mounting of the exhibition "Ein Hauch von Hollywood" (A touch of Hollywood). The private collector is showing one of his beloved pieces: A portrait of the German-born actress Nastassja and a signed six dollar cheque for a parking fee.



Barri Xinés or Raval? Still a traditional neighbourhood for the poor, the workers and the inmigrants or gentrificated bar-hopping district? Perhaps it is not so easy to classify this area between the Paral-lel and the Ramblas and Drassanes and the Carrer Sant Pau. A mirage hiding the caotic side of the often stressed image of modern and cosmopolitan Barcelona...


Pre-election party of the FPÖ in Frankenburg, Oberösterreich, 05.06.2009: during the speech of party-leader H.C. Strache.

Pictures from the Palestinian civic center in Munich, Schwanthalerstr. 111...


Bio Magazin

Fotos zur Reisereportage "Bio-Urlaub auf Usedom"
BIO 3/09 (2.6.09 // S. 132 f.)


Mauthausen. Cuando hay un silencio es que nadie habla.

Mauthausen, Oberösterreich: investigating about memory and history in this peculiar little town in Austria. Images of urban landscapes and interiors of Mauthausen (Announcement board, Guided tour in the concentration camp, Gas chamber, Alexander Nerat from the FPÖ (Liberal Party), Nightclub Prestige, Old People´s Home).

Pfingstfest Schliersee

Pfingstfest Schliersee, 01.06.2009 by you.