Polyroid video clip

Yesterday we shot the new Polyroid video clip, for me it was the first time filming and I am thankful for this opportunity! Today only I can forward some impressions of the set, soon you will see the clip... Here I only can say that I enjoyed working with Polyroid and that I hope to do more stuff with them! More about Polyroid: http://polyroid.com


Pro Asyl - Aufnehmen statt abschieben

Illustrating the chapter on deportation of minorities to Kosovo is only a little contribution for an important cause: get the book "Aufnehmen statt Abschieben" (Admission instead of deportation) about exile, asylum and the commitment of civil societies issued by ProAsyl Germany. More information: www.vonloeper.de/PROASYL



Yesterday a row house exploded in my hometown Schliersee. A human tragedy...


A new year - and photography, once again

Almost every day I read something about photography it seems to me that in most cases, these writings don´t say nothing about the most simple thing, the nature of photography itself. They don´t say what photography is, perhaps they think that everybody already knows or should know... They don´t talk about the strange feelings some pictures may evoque, they don´t talk about simple things transported in all kind of photographs, they don´t talk about happiness or sadness, about surprise or complicity... Photography can be hard and direct, it also can be full of confusion, ambiguity and paradox simultanities, it is not essential in itself, like language or philosophy, but all matters expressed by or through photography can be and will be, depending on the view of the spectator.