Tag des Flüchtlings 2010

Pictures of "A forgotten promise" for Pro Asyl e.V.: Magazine "Mit Diskriminierung macht man keinen Staat", 2.50 Euro (online-order: www.proasyl.de/de/shop/tag-des-fluechtlings), may 2010, Din A4


Travel feature Sussex Downs, UK

Travel feature about the Sussex Downs, a wonderful place to stay for a short holiday, just 30 minutes from the international airport of London Gatwick. In the pictures: one of the players of the argentine Polo-Team Sumaya during the last chukka of the sunday game of the last Argentine Ambassadors´ Day at Cowdray Polo Club, a shop for beauty treatment in Chichester, a little town with a laid-back mix of urban atmosphere, coast and countryside, Paul, chef de cuisine of the excellent pub-restaurant "The Horseguards Inn" in Tillington, near Petworth, and Wiggonholt church (13th century) near Pulborough. If you are interested in this feature, please send an e-mail...


ProAsyl Campaign 2010

ProAsyl Campaign 2010 against deportation of Roma and Ashkali from Germany to Kosovo where they only have to expect a life in poorest conditions and probably will relocate in one of the contaminated camps of Osterode or Cesmin Lug in Mitrovica.


Students´works showcase at Freie Kunstwerkstatt München

Photo: Matthias Leidgschwendner

Now it´s almost reality: on friday, 02-07-2010 we will display the works of some of my photography students in a small exhibition at the Freie Kunstwerkstatt München. I forward one of the portrait studies of Matthias Leidgschwendner´s fashion essay. Invitations will be mailed next week. For further Information: Freie Kunstwerkstatt München, Dachauer Straße 42 / Rückgebäude II + III Stock, Fon: 089 - 59 42 67 / Fax: 089 - 54 88 38 93, E-Mail: info@freie-kunstwerkstatt.de