Listen to the music: Voixmusik in Alps#7

Listen to the music: "Voixmusik - Hier spielt die Musik" in Alps#7 (05/2011),a reportage on the diversity of styles and the philosophy of so-called new or "young" alpine folk music by Dr. Claudia Teibler and illustrated with some of my photographs taken during the open air event "Night of the Alps" in Tegernsee. More: http://www.alps-magazine.com/


Jasmin´s and Cengiz´ Wedding Party

Thank you Jasmin, thank you Cengiz! Even though I had to finish my work as your photographer, I really enjoyed your wedding party! All the best!


Summertime - over again

Ephemeral summer - a season when everything is conceived as inmediate and spontaneous, in summer we are worshipping the present all day long... Summer offers us light, fertility, growth and, at least in our culture, a supposed break, a few weeks of easy living. And summer is although a summit, from there days get shorter, not only the dark days make us reflect on ourselves, perhaps it is more the summer season when we both look back and forth...


Some impressions of the Caritas Alp-X...

Here are some more pictures of the Alp-X with the children of the Caritas Kinderdorf Irschenberg. The story will be published in "Alps", spring 2012...


Alp-X Caritas Irschenberg

Congratulations to all of you! Hope to see you soon...