From Germany to Hungary and back

Babette Steiner´s room in an old age asylum in Neuhaus, Bavaria, with a picture of her son, Georg Steiner. In their lifes they had to cross many frontieres. Babettes life seemed to be star-crossed from the very beginning in a little flat in Munich, her family never put much hope in the weak, rachitic girl, born a few month after the end of The Great War. Later she moved to a village with her husband who died a few years after. Her only son Georg lost his job as a telecomunication repairman suffering from herniated disc problems and heavy allergic rashes. After a time the only way he saw to deal with severe depression and growing alcohol problems, he spent the rest of his pay-off on a little house between the austro-hungarian border and Lake Balaton. Soon the money was wasted, maintaining the house and looking after his ill and impoverished mother lead to his total ruin. Today he is working ocassionally in a junkyard to get some cash to visit sometimes his now run-down house, once his liftime dream and the only hope to leave behind a miserable life.

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