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Sierra de Gredos is a hiking paradise! The mountains continue the line of the Sierra de Guadarrama, enclosing Madrid tot he north and tot he west. Peaks like the Almanzor rise over 2500 m, by far the best trekking area in central Spain, including some climbing and high-level routes across passes and sierras. Bath in the crystalline water of the innumerable gargantas, small alpine brooks joining river Tormes down in the eponymous valley, or visit medieval castles and churches like San Martin in Bonilla de la Sierra, the former summer residence of the bishops of the diocesis of Ávila. In these plains you can set up your base camp in one of the busy market towns like Piedrahita or Barco de Ávila, or, more withdrawn, in one oft he many casas rurales in the sierra villages (Piedrahita is also known for its perfect conditions for paragliding, with international competitions taking place every year!). Every day there are awaiting pleasant strolls, casual walks, small fiestas, local markets or just the simple pleasure of contemplating the overwhelming scenery of the Gredos mountains. So get Peter Handke´s Crossing the Sierra de Gredos (Der Bildverlust) and try…

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  1. Here a link to the portal to numerous Handke site, and several pages that focus on his book: Crossing the Sierra del Gredos: this site has two pages devoted to Del Gredos:


    the handkeprose2 site has a page to del gredos with photos too:


    this is the main portal:http://handke-magazin.blogspot.com/2010/06/handke-magazine-is-over-arching-site.html