Looking for Ataraxia by Eduardo Ochoa

Eduardo Ochoa for me transmits with his photographs his free and romantic spirit, but always in a disquieting and unsettling perspective. He seems to be an invader in a menacing and arcane environment, despite of all the traces and signs with which human beings transformed and marked the landscapes of Eduardo Ochoa. In Looking for Ataraxia you will discover landscape photography full of energy, electric landscapes, always in a dificult but obvious balance between calm and restlessness. The photographs are like cages containing a high potential of energy, always about to break up their prison, the prisons in which Ochoa locked them up and where all elements, material and inexistent, the vacuum, lights and shadows, are fusing into a new reality. The images of Looking for Ataraxia are reflections about the esencial, they are almost existential landscapes.
Now visit Eduardo Ochoas web space to contemplate his most personal project: http://eduardoochoa.carbonmade.com/

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