Seseña - where the streets have no name

Building cranes, remainings of construction activities, empty, muddy spaces and wet asphalt: this is the aspect oft he macro urbanization called after ist promoter Francisco Hernando or Paco El Pocero near the town of Seseña, in the province of Toledo, only about 40 kilometers south of Madrid. After passing a pompous monument dedicated to this building tycoon the visitor enters a ghost town. The shutters of most oft he more than 6.000 flats are closed since the construction oft he buildings, in most oft hem never lived anybody, a boy passing the street with his dog, talking with his cell phone, produces an almost irreal echoe and feels almost as an unsettling and weird presence… Behind of this sad monument to speculation made of concrete and steel, another example for mismanagement and greed: over 10 acres of soil covered with old car tyres, more than 30.000 tons of rubber, supposed to be recycled, someday or somehow. Now it is known as the „black sea“, a stinking ocean separating Seseña and Valdemoro…

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